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Hooked (cap.17)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

The gang are all in the library, researching a homework assignment on Ancient Egypt, when Gabriel finds out he has won six tickets to the national basketball finals for himself and his friends! In the meantime, Tony comes across a mummy themed game on the internet. Before long, Tony is hooked on playing the game; he even pretends to be sick so that he can stay home and play uninterrupted. The friends cannot believe that Tony would spend all of his time in his room playing computer games, so they send Akira to talk some sense into him. To their dismay, Akira ends up hooked too! The situation gets so bad, that Akira and Tony lose track of time and end up missing out on the basketball finals. Meanwhile, Gabriel, Monica, Lara and Deon are having a great time at the game. Gabriel even wins the opportunity to throw a half-court shot, which gives him the chance to meet his Idol, Basketball legend Tony Morrison! Sad that their
friends didn't come to the game, the group show Akira and Tony what they missed out on. Devastated, the pair realise how obsessive their internet gaming has become and vow to spend their time more constructively from now on.