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Growing Pains (cap.16)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

Monica is about to become another year older but is dismayed when her mum texts her a photo and she's reminded by her friends that she 'hasn't changed a bit' since last year. Her misery is compounded when she suspects Lara and Akira of changing the subject of their conversations about spots and boys because they think that Monica isn't grown up enough to join in. And when she sees her friends going out together later but not inviting her she decides it's because they don't want to be seen with a little girl. She resolves to show them just how grown up she can be. The rest of the friends, along with the teacher and other classmates, are actually setting up a surprise party at school for Monica for her birthday the next day. Tony watches Gabriel effortlessly pick up a crate of drinks that he couldn't budge and begins to compare his less developed arms with Gabriel's more muscular build. Next day and Monica's late for the bus. At the last minute she arrives but she's dressed up in her host mum's clothes and make up and is almost unrecognisable. She's ridiculed by
Tony and everyone else on the bus.At school Monica is inconsolable while Lara and Akira try to help her see that she doesn't need to worry and that she'll develop at her own pace. They persuade her to come to class where she finds everyone waiting for her surprise party. Tony apologises and whispers his
own secret to Monica - he spent half the night doing weights trying to develop his muscles and now he can't even lift up a cup never mind a crate! They share a moment of recognition and Monica realises that she's just fine the way she is.