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Gabriel's First Date (cap.15)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

Keshia from school asks Gabriel out on a date, his first ever. Gabriel isn't sure he wants to go out with girls yet but Tony encourages him to accept: of course he wants to go on a date with Keshia! The girls are also excited for Gabriel, perhaps a little too much, with each insisting on finding the right kind of help to ease Gabriel's anxiety. Lara goes undercover and notes down Keshia's routine. Akira prepares a love potion guaranteed to work. And Monica consults her stack of magazines full of handy tips for dating success. On the day of the date Gabriel is overwhelmed with advice from his friends. As he greets Keshia in the park, the rest of the group hide in the bushes watching to see which of their techniques works best. As Gabriel employs each of their methods he only succeeds in scaring Keshia off. She thinks he must be mad; and his friends too when she sees them emerge from the bushes as she leaves. Gabriel leaves too, telling his friends he shouldn't have listened to them. The friends are contrite; Gabriel's right, they all messed up. Next day and Gabriel is determined to explain things to Keshia but when he sees her coming he loses his nerve and rushes off to hide. Deon finds Gabe and persuades him to talk to Keshia; he can't stay hidden forever. Gabriel finally admits to Keshia his doubts about dating at all and apologises for his behaviour. Keshia forgives him - at last Gabriel is being himself.