TV Series for preschool kids. Clay animation.
Després de la publicitat pots interactuar amb el player amb els següents botons Engegar/Aturar Silenciar Pujar el volum Disminuir el volum Instruccions per interactuar amb el player
Capelito is a young forest mushroom with a magic ability to turn his cap into any kind of hat just by pressing his nose. Although Capelito and his friends never speak, young viewers quickly grasp the story and the way it takes surprising and often comic shape.

is unusual in that it combines the full transformational possibilities of clay animation with charming characters and recognizable settings. The ideas that spring from Capelito's cap delightfully reflect the malleability and fertility of children's own imagination.

Capelito has received universal acclaim, winning no fewer than fourteen international prizes, including the Annecy Film Festival prize and the United Nations award.