You on the Internet

A generation has emerged whose lives are now registered on the Internet. Profiles, videos, pictures and more: life on the Web.

Personal tastes, hobbies, private conversations and friendships are now exposed to the world. TVC's 30 Minuts program "You on the Internet" addresses the issue of the Internet and personal privacy through the eyes of six avid social network users.
The flood of private information we upload to our computers, cell phones and tablets, and publish on social networks, speaks volumes¿and publicly¿about us and our lives. Personal data has become a basic building block in 21st-century life. Companies are aware of that as they search it out and use it for commercial purposes. Various international organizations and institutions are trying to keep this fast-growing phenomenon under control, but technology is developing faster than the rules. Are we able to control our digital fingerprint? Can that be erased once it's been made public? Are users in control of their data?
"You on the Internet" poses the question of how the concept of privacy is changing with the social networks' rapid entrance on the scene. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram encourage millions of users to share contents, but the Internet has unlimited means of spreading private information on an individual. What are the boundaries? Are users aware of what sharing that personal information could mean? Can the Internet guarantee the security of personal data? And what moves users to open up their lives on the Internet? Is it about communication, entertainment, social recognition, or simply "voyeurism"?
The 30 Minuts team went to the European Parliament in Brussels where the new Data Protection Regulation is being hammered out.  German MEP and Green Party member, Jan Philipp Albrecht, is leading the effort to protect users, while members of the Internet lobby¿American multinationals such as Facebook, Google and Amazon¿are setting up offices in Brussels to have a voice in how the law develops. They are afraid it will be too restrictive.
In addition to the six social network users featured in the report, 30 minuts interviewed various individuals who offered their views on this ongoing debate, including specialists on the social network subject (Marc Elena, Francesc Grau, Arancha Ruiz, Marta Alonso, Àlex Puig), a teacher (José Antonio Marina), members of the European Parliament and representatives of Web-related businesses.
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