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Cycling in Catalonia - Riding hotspot Girona and la Vuelta kicks off from Barcelona

Durada: 25 min
As Catalonia hosts the first four stages of la Vuelta 2023, "Filling the sink" visits Girona to discover what makes the area so perfect for cycling. Cillian Shields chats to Pro Cycling Outlet's Dave Walsh, Eat Sleep Cycle's Lee Comerford, cyclist-cum-coffee shop owner Christian Meier, and two members of the Kuwaiti national team, Latifa Al-Yassin and Noura Al-Ameeri. This week's Catalan phrase is "anar a pinyó fix". Literally "to go by fixed-gear [bike]", it can be used to describe someone who is inflexible. Presented by Lorcan Doherty.