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T1xC12 - Qui és el més valent?

Mowgli frightens his friends when he shows off by bungee jumping from a tree. His reckless behaviour triggers a discussion about who is the bravest animal in the jungle. Mowgli endeavours to find out and goes to ask Hathi. Hathi answers Mowgli's question with another one: what is Mowgli afraid of? A puzzled and pre-occupied Mowgli falls down a well and finds himself trapped. He spends a cold and lonely night in the well until he is thrown a vine by Tabaqui. But the cunning jackal has tricked Mowgli, who finds himself face to face with Shere Khan. Hathi comes to Mowgli's rescue and Mowgli learns a valuable lesson: there are things he fears but he can face them with courage.