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T1xC14 - El rescat del Darzi a la cascada

Lali and Mowgli are out playing and as usual they've got into the game of outdoing each other. Unknown to them Shere Khan is tracking them, lying low in the bushes, watching their progress up the waterfall. Darzi alerts them to Shere Khan's presence but Lali doesn't take the potential danger on board. She proceeds to go higher and higher up the rocks edging the waterfall and only at this point does she see Shere Khan right behind them. Quick-witted Mowgli hides behind the waterfall but the wily tiger soon spies them, with him snapping at their heels Mowgli and Lali have no choice but to scale the rock face where if it were not forlittle Darzi's intervention they would surely have met an untimely end.