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T1xC13 - La cascada

During a big storm Bagheera and Mowgli are sitting in a tree admiring the view. Meantime Shere Khan and Tabaqui have hatched a plan to lure Bagheera away. Tabaqui tells the two friends that Baloo is being attacked by Shere Khan, but when Bagheera and Tabaqui arrive, Shere Khan leaves Baloo and disappears. A bolt of lightening strikes Mowgli's tree and he is thrown into the raging river. He finds himself facing the waterfall, a crocodile and Shere Khan, plus Tabaqui has also ended up in the water. Baloo and Bagheera arrive to save Mowgli, but he insists he has to help Tabaqui first. Mowgli and Tabaqui are dramaticallyrescued, while Shere Khan is swept over the falls¿..but the tiger lives to tell the tale!