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T1xC7 - El tresor del Cau Fred

Kaa visits Baloo with an urgent message. Thuu, the whiter cobra, has gone missing. Since Thuu normally guards the Treasure of Cold Lair, this causes great concern to our heroes. The treasure is much sought after by the humans and if they find it, more unwelcome humans will come to the jungle. Mowgli befriends a female monkey called Langur, who has seen men with guns at the Cold Lair. Baloo, Bagheera, Mowgli and Langur try to guard the treasure and ward off the humans. Baloo is injured, and Shere Khan is reluctantly recruited to help drive the humans away. using Tabaqui to help him, Kahn betrays the cause, but Mowgli is rescued from Khan's jaws by the Languor monkey. The two of them dress up to haunt' the superstitious humans, driving them away and saving the treasure from being discovered.