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T1xC19 - Una volta per la selva

Mowgli has decided he's old enough to live by himself. Against Baloo's protestations he goes off into the jungle and builds himself a makeshift hut, which promptly blows over in the wind. Undeterred he starts off again to find a spot for his new home, but during his travels he comes across a small, red Himalayan panda called Ponya. She is not an inhabitant of the jungle and is very nervous, so Mowgli decides to become her Jungle Tour Guide! After a catalogue of disasters unwittingly caused by Ponya, she goes to find shade in an old temple only to find herself surrounded by poisonous snakes. It takes all Mowgli's ingenuity, plus the help of Baloo and Bagheera, to rescue the little panda. And Mowgli realizes that he's not quite ready to go out on his own yet.