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T1xC11 - El tronc del Mowgli

Baloo is boring Mowgli and Bagheera with stories as he's fishing. Mowgli dives into the water and is snapped up and taken off by Jacala. He has been taken as bait in a hunting training session' for Jacala's 5 baby sons. Mowgli gets stuck in the mud and Baloo can't get near him. Meanwhile, Bagheera is trying to reach Mowgli from a tree branch on the river bank. Baloo and Mowgli start telling the baby crocs a story to delay the inevitable when suddenly Hathi bursts through the undergrowth. Between them, Hathi and Bagheera manage to save Mowgli from being used as bait, but the baby crocs never get to hear the end of the story.