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T1xC42 - Un tresor musical!

Pirata and Murana are hot on the trail of pirate Sonatine Sardine's booty. They're neck and neck in the competition, but thanks to Capitano and the crack crew of the Pink Skull, Pirata is always one step ahead. But when she sees everyone dancing to Weboo's harmonica, Murana gets an idea: she'll lead Weboo away from the Pink Skull. She manages to do so by exploiting his love of music: she sends him an anonymous invitation to a music competition. But it's a trap! Without Weboo, Pirata, Capitano, and the crew have a hard time dealing with Murana's dirty tricks. The two captains reach the place where Sonatine Sardine's treasure is hidden at the same time, but to enter the hiding spot, they need to play the piece of music engraved on the door which means they both need Weboo!