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T1xC6 - La prova

Because they lost a game of "Little Boats" against Dodo the Devious, Pirata and Capitano have to complete a challenge: they must find and bring back a belled banana before sunset. What's more, if they fail, they'll be forever labelled rotten pirates and they'll have to wear shameful hats made of jellyfish poo (the pirate equivalent of a dunce's cap!). Pirata and Capitano immediately set off in pursuit of the goal after all, it's just a matter of gathering a fruit! But Dodo the Devious is up to his no-good tricks again, and he's set a trap: belled bananas only grow on Hullabaloo Island¿home of Racket, the terrible ogre! When they reach Hullabaloo Island, Pirata and Capitano meet a very strange monster indeed¿