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T1xC8 - La sopa de musclos a l'estil Roberto

Two ingredients are crucial for Roberto's legendary "Mussel Soup, Roberto-Style": blue Gouzi leaves and mussels from Skull Island. The crew divvies up the tasks: Pirata will gather the mussels and Capitano will find the leaves. But our two intrepid adventurers soon face monsters! Pirata hears ominous sounds coming from the island's interior, and while plucking a leaf, Capitano wakes the Gouza, a big blue bird who loves eating Gouzi leaves! Pirata will have to pluck up her courage as she ventures deep into the island to confront her "monster," while Capitano will require a lot of patience and goodwill to deal with his avian "monster." Luckily, our heroes will triumph and they'll return to the ship, each of them with a surprise for Roberto¿