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Truth or dare

The race is back on and Bala and Mowgli are fighting it out to win it. They even stumble upon Tabaqui who sees his lunch go into the quick sand and curses after them. Lali who is waiting at the finish line declares that Mowgli has won by a nose. Bala is very upset and wants to have a rematch but Lali insists on playing truth or dare. Tabaqui hides in the buses and when Bala thinks of a dare, he changes his voice and dares Mowgli to pluck a whisker off Sher Khan. Bala is surprised as to who said it but also mocks Mowgli that he can't do that. Mowgli takes it on his ego and runs away to do the task at hand. Scared, Bala and Lali run to Baloo for his help. Baloo and the wolf cubs are tricked by Tabaqui into believing that Sher Khan is not in his liar. Tabaqui takes Bala, Lali and Baloo on a wild goose chase across the jungle and even manages to get Bala and Lali fall into the quick sand. Baloo saves himself in time and tries to bring out the wolf-cubs. Mowgli reaches up to Sher Khan but he has only been pretending to be asleep and as he reaches him, Sher Khan wakes up and startles Mowgli sending him off the ledge. Bageerah comes to his rescue and the two friends run away to the back-up plan. The plans however fail as Sher Khan avoids them cleverly. Bageerah instead lands into 1 of them. Sher Khan is on hot pursuit after Mowgli and just as he is about to catch him Mowgli runs inside a log and comes out but Sher Khan gets stuck. Mowgli plucks a whisker and before he can run away. Bala apologizes to Mowgli and tells him that a man-cub is as brave as a wolf-cub but he is a lot crazier too.