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The wrong panther

Baloo and Bagheera sense that Kala, a rogue black panther, is back in the jungle and looking for Mowgli. The two animals try to keep this news from Mowgli, but he overhears them and goes off in a huff at being treated like a small child, collecting Bala along the way. Mowgli and Bala have a run-in with Tabaqui when the jackal taunts them about Bagheera's bravery. Whilst Bagheera is looking for Mowgli, he comes across Kala. Seeing the two black panthers, Mowgli is unsure of which is which. He soon finds out when Kala grabs Bala. Brave Bagheera saves the day by leaping onto the rogue panther's back andfighting with him. Kala is cast out of the jungle, but not before he frightens the life out of Tabaqui!