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The red crocodile

Mowgli discovers a baby crocodile in a nest and takes him to the Friendly Area. Baloo insists that Mowgli returns the croc, now named Nibbly, to his home. Nibbly keeps following Mowgli until the boy gives in and takes the croc with him. Realising that he has other things to do Mowgli goes through a list of possible baby-sitters for Nibbly. After seeing an effigy of a red crocodile painted on an alter near the monkey's home he entrusts the baby croc to Masha. When Masha tries to use Nibbly to frighten Thuu the snake away, Mowgli has to admit he's not a red crocodile. Masha and the other monkeys are furious at being trickedand it is only the intervention of Baloo and Bagheera, pretending to be crocodiles, which finally get Mowgli and Nibbly out of trouble.