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T2xC22 - El campió de la selva

Mowgli is trying to catch Darzee but he isn't quite successful at it. Tabaqui is watching all this from a distance and he mocks Mowgli by calling him the slowest animal. Mowgli feels offended and challenges Tabaqui that he is not the slowest. They have a race where whoever reaches the river first, wins the race. Tabaqui wins the race up to the river. But the second round is still at hand. They have to jump over a stump without touching it. Tabaqui crosses it first but when Mowgli jumps over it he lands into a pit which was made by Tabaqui. Tabaqui hurries off to find Sher Khan as he wanted to serve Mowgli to him. Mowgli asks Darzee to go find Baloo so that he can help him. Darzee finds Baloo but she can't remember why she wanted to find him. Knowing how Darzee forgets things, Baloo heads for the river. Meanwhile, Mowgli crawls out of the pit but Tabaqui spots him. He starts chasing after Mowgli but ends up in the river. Just then, Jakala appears and goes for Tabaqui. Mowgli uses a stick and blocks Jakala's jaws. In the meantime, he pulls Tabaqui out of the water and tells him that he may be the faster but not a good swimmer. Darzee comes flying to Mowgli and tells him that Baloo has fallen into the pit. Mowgli pulls Baloo out and tells him the story about the competition. Meanwhile, Sher Khan in search of the man cub, jumps over the stump and lands straight into the pit-cursing Tabaqui.