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The elephant call

Mowgli, Hita and Appu are looking for their cousin and relatives but they can't spot them. Hathi is worried that they aren't there at the jungle yet. Mowgli offers to go look for them and notices that the elephants are in the swamp. He asks Darzee to go inform Hathi about the situation but he knows that Darzee is quite forgetful. Mowgli meets Annali and Pasha, but he startles them and just about saves himself from being stamped by them. He offers to go find the baby elephant, Rudy. Mowgli goes carefully into the mangrove and tries to locate Rudy. He finds him sure, but he startles him and the baby elephant takes to his heels. Mowgli sets out to look for him again and tells him that his parents have sent him to bring him back to them. But Jakala is watching!Darzee goes to the elephants but besides eating the fruit she can't remember anything. Back at the swamp, Mowgli is trying to get the elephant to dry land. Rudy has to balance himself on a log and get out but as her tries to do that, Jakala strikes at him. But Mowgli manages to save him. Darzee can't remember what she had to tell Hathi but she tells him that they have to go to the swamp where his relatives are in danger! She actually tells them everything without realizing. Hathi wanted to know just this bit and they all rush to the swamp. Meanwhile, Mowgli and Rudy have to get into the water to cross the swamp but Jakala is in the water. They try hard, run, fall and get tangled in the bind weed but make it out of the river. Jakala doesn't let them go still and just as he is about to attack, Hathi steps in followed by Gajini, Appu and Hita. Jakala has no option but to leave. The herd re-unites and goes off to the elephant march.