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T2xC21 - El singlot del pitó

Mowgli is back to his acrobatics but this time he lands Kaa into a huge trouble. Kaa is silently hunting when Mowgli accidently knocks him down on the ground. Kaa brings himself back in shape but a huge fit of hiccups take him over. He tries to hunt but the monkeys runs away as soon as they hear the snake hiccupping. Kaa goes to Mowgli and tells him that his life is become miserable only because of Mowgli. Mowgli gets to work at once and tries to bring down Kaa's hiccups but nothing works. The monkeys meanwhile are having a good time seeing their worst enemy in distress. After trying too many things, Mowgli finally gives up and decides to go to Baloo for help. Baloo tells them that only a blue flower can cure Kaa of his hiccups. But Masha has heard this she will do all she can to prevent them from getting the flower. Kaa and Mowgli go towards Cold Lair but the three monkey sisters are already there. They steal the picture of the flower from Mowgli and run away with it. they all keep looking and finally find the plant in Thuu's territory. The monkeys are too scared and they run away but Mowgli manages to take the plant but he can't escape. He tries a few moves, runs away from Thuu but finds Kaa missing. A little distance away, the three monkey sisters have tied Kaa to a branch and are making fun of him. Mowgli tries to free Kaa but Masha gets a hold of the plant. She wolves down the plant except for a few leaves and the flower. Mowgli manages to take that and he and Kaa flee the place.