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T2xC19 - Pantera en perill

Darzee and Mowgli venture into Kala's territory along with Bageerah. They wanted to taste some peaches which are found only in Kala's territory. But Bageerah is very scared and wants them to hurry. To his bad luck, Kala has already come. Bageerah jumps in to save Mowgli and Darzee but Kala's paw hurts one of Bageerah's legs and he is badly injured. Baloo tells them that a black maggot is the only remedy to get rid of the wound. Mowgli and Darzee offer to help and agree to go to Mist Valley where the black maggots are found. Back at the Misty Valley, Darzee is very scared of bumping into Kala and can't concentrate on finding the maggots. Mowgli assures her that they will be safe. Meanwhile, Baloo is preparing another medicine for Bageerah and as he goes to the river to get some water, Bageerah takes off. At the Misty Valley, Darzee and Mowgli find some cacti and geysers. Darzee finally smells the maggots and Mowgli fills a basket full of them. Bageerah has arrived at the "gate" of the Misty Valley and he hears Kala roar. He goes to help Mowgli and Darzee but Kala beats him easily. Mowgli then tosses the basket of maggots at Kala and he is paralyzed and can't move an inch. Balooo arrives to the spot following Bageerah. He puts some maggots on Bageerah and he soon recovers to find his dear friends by his side.