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Home wreckers

While playing Darzee and Mowgli find the Cold Lair erringly silent. After an attack by Kala they get to know that Kala has taken over the Cold Lair. Back at his place he finds out that the monkeys have tied up Baloo and Bageerah as Kala has taken over their place. Mowgli promises to get rid of Kala and give back the monkeys their place. Darzee escapes from the monkeys. Mowgli makes a trap for Kala and calls out at him. He is successful in trapping Kala but the tree gives way under the panther's weight and free once more, Kala gives them a good chase once again. Mowgli and Darzee silently creep in to free Baloo and Bageerah but Masha notices them and gets hold them. Mowgli accuses her of not fulfilling her role of a queen well, as a queen is supposed to fight for her territory. Masha orders her monkeys to train target practice and with a very little hope he leads them on to the cold lair. The monkeys don't act wise and throw coconuts everywhere. Kala chases after Mowgli and the monkeys run in all direction. Meanwhile, Darzee sets Baloo and Bageerah free who set out to help Mowgli. Baloo and Bageerah also arrive at the show and drive Kala out of the jungle.