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T2xC20 - Cec com un ós

Baloo and Bageerah are having a nap. Mowgli wants to have fun with Baloo's glasses but he loses them to Tabaqui. Baloo wakes up to find his vision blurry and realizes that his glasses are not with him. He stamps on everything that comes his way including Bageerah. Tired sick, Bageerah asks Baloo to grab of his tail and he will show him the way. Tabaqui is having the fun of his life. He is running amok the jungle and Mowgli is not able to catch him. Even though Mowgli tries very hard and does everything he can, he can't get to Tabaqui. They run into Sher Khan's territory, when Tabaqui gets an idea. He runs up to Sher Khan and tells him that Mowgli is on his way to the den in search of the glasses. They decide to trap Mowgli but Darzee gets stuck instead. Mowgli comes down to Darzee's rescue but he gets trapped instead. Darzee flies off to get Baloo. Baloo and Bageerah arrive to Mowgli's rescue. Bageerah fights Sher Khan but he soon loses. Baloo steps in to help Bageerah but he can't see so he just wildly swings where ever he can. Meanwhile Mowgli and Darzee try to get hold of the glasses. After a little confusion, Baloo gets his glasses back and he gives Sher Khan a good blow with his paws and after a final attack by Bageerah, Sher Khan runs away. Baloo and Bageerah are tired and Mowgli and Darzee are already off to sleep.