Wowzzy Baboom

A Program About Magic Without Secrets

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Wowzzy Baboom is much more than a program about magic. It is entertainment for children and adolescents, refreshing, coloristic and full of humor which teaches young and old alike about the spectacular world of illusion. Sometimes it does this from a didactic perspective and other times through fiction. In one single episode the viewer has fun and discovers new things.

Numbers that include mind reading, cards that appear and disappear, coins that multiply...simple and curious magic tricks explained step by step in the "The Trick of the Trick" section, with which to surprise family and friends and spark interest in learning about and doing everything from hand tricks to the magic of mind power. But the program includes other sections that are just as surprising, or even more so, like "Visionarium" where children see how an optical illusion is created; or "Fit Finger" about how to train fingers in order to become a good magician; and, last but not least, "The Great Baboom" where the host rounds out the program with a grand magic show.

In a very colorful and extraordinarily original setting, Wowzzy, presenter and star of the show, interacts with two other characters: innocent and sneaky Mark, and Wowzzy's Sister, whom he has turned into a can of pea jam, and who acts as the counterpoint in the group.

Falling somewhere between fiction and fact, Wowzzy Baboom dazzles its young audience and draws it into a world that goes beyond mere magic.


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