Waiting Time

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The search for missing persons and the struggles of their families.

Last year, 29,740 disappearances were reported in Spain. 76% of these cases were resolved, with the person found either dead or alive. But behind the unsolved cases lie desperate families, forced to wait for a loved one's return as time slows to a crawl. For them, it's as if life was on pause.

How do search teams operate? How do families deal with the disappearance of a loved one?

The more time that goes by, the lesser the chances of finding a missing person alive. Family members have to deal with a number of stages: the initial shock of the disappearance and the hope of finding their loved one once again; the desperation when, eventually, the search is called off; and the start of a now-permanent uncertainty.

Police officers, associations, psychologists and affected individuals offer a glimpse at this "waiting time".

This report brings the audience closer to a drama that often happens close to home.

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