Transitioning: Transgender Children

A little-recognized reality
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"They thought I was a girl because they just looked between my legs and forgot to look at my brain."  That's how 6-year-old David explains why he is a boy, born as a girl.

He, like other very young children describe how they feel and to what gender they want to belong. They talk straight and fearlessly, looking for acceptance from those around them, so they can live their lives happily. They are the "new trans generation."

"It has to be known and it has to be accepted" according to 11 year-old Estel who, in the most natural way, describes her transition to becoming female.

"Transitioning: Transgender Children" is a thorough and candid collection of stories like these, and others by 14-year-old Raquel and 17 year-old Mario, and also relates the story of 23-year-old Marta who had a vaginoplasty and is living a normal life as a woman.

Stories which describe not only the transition process they have undergone, but also the process their parents have faced in accepting this transition.

Doctors, psychologists, and specialists offfer their professional perspective to broaden and inform our vision of transgenderism.

A little-recognized reality presented naturally and in first person, offering important keys to better understanding our society today.