The Triplets

Once Upon a Time
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The series-targeted to children, ages 4 to 7-is based on the relationship between triplet sisters Annie, Tessa and Nellie, and the Bored Witch. In each episode the girls get into some sort of mischief and are "punished" by the Bored Witch, who sends them into a traditional fairytale, a legend, a classic work of literature, or a particular period of history.
There is a tacit and scrupulously respected agreement among the characters: the Witch never uses her magic to directly foil the Triplets' plans once they are in the story, although she can and does often use it indirectly to disguise herself, transform objects, and generally make things difficult for them. If the Triplets  successfully overcome the obstacles in the story, then the Witch must send them home.
For the Triplets, the so-called "punishment" is an adventure. If the Bored Witch were ever to get into real danger, the Triplets would come to her aid because what they most want is for the Witch to always be available to play.

The Triplets' incursion into classic fairytales is always respectful so as not to offend  any adults for whom these stories bring back childhood memories, or for those children who are already familiar with the traditional version of the story. This doesn't mean, however, that the storyline or the characters in the fairytales are "untouchable." Irony plays a role, but a clear line is drawn between that and tastelessness; Little Red Riding Hood might drive a motorcycle, but she doesn't dress in tattered clothes or shout insults.
The proven success of this series reflects its entertaining and friendly character, that attracts little girls and boys alike. The Triplets' adventures have been shown in 88 countries and in more than 15 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and Greek.

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