The Red Band Society

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The Red Band Society depicts the daily life of a group of kids in a children's hospital

The young patients are four boys and a girl from ages 8 to 17, being treated in the same hospital at the same time for different illnesses.Unlike other hospital fiction series, in 'Red Bracelets' it is the children, not the medical staff, who are the protagonists.

The youngsters' experiences are similar to those of their healthy peers¿the difference is that they are all the more intense since they are in a hospital setting. 

The Red Band Society draws on Espinosa's long experience of hospitals. As a child, he spent ten years being treated in them. For the last five years he has given talks in hospitals throughout Spain. Espinosa's work is characterised by its vitality, tenderness and humour and The Red Band Society is no exception. The series will appeal to all audiences with its heart-warming tales of children eager to live life to the full and bent on overcoming adversity.
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