The Crackpot

Join the "Crackpots." A Mold-breaking Series

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Where's the line between fiction and reality?

Joel Joan is a real-life actor, well-known to Catalan audiences, who plays himself in this series. He is incongruous, inconsistent, intransigent, indecent, impossible, and insatiable. At the age of 42 he's already burned himsef out, together with everyone around him.

In the first season of the series he has already burned a lot of bridges and nobody wants to work with him. Nonetheless, he decides to do whatever is necessary to land an important role in a big upcoming film project, stirring up outrageous and off-the-wall, yet entertaining, situations.

In the second season, Joel is offered the possibility of playing a stage role, which is hard to refuse, but he still faces challenges ahead. On stage he finds himself competing with another highly-respected actor, but this time one from the theater world.

There is not a dull character or moment in "The Crackpot" series. It's a sharp-edged, almost therapeutic, parody of the public's take on the world of film and television, cleverly focusing on actors' public image and the world in which they are immersed.
The comic element is achieved by playing off of stereotypical character types: jealous and dissatisfied; generous and and charming; bitter and self-important; positive and engaging; negative and self-pitying, and all of that wrapped in clever, fast-paced and witty dialogue.
Taking its inspiration from series such as "Louie," "Life's too Short," and "Episodes," "Crackpot" connects with viewers, drawing them into the story and the characters' lives, while at the same time offering healthy self-criticism of the world it depicts.
The keys to the series' success in its first season¿drawing viewers primarily in the 24-44 age range¿ are the first-rate performances, its wit, format and, above all, fine-tuned scripts.
It hooks you in from the start.



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