The Bored Witch

Let's have fun

Like all the witches, the Bored Witch lives extraordinary adventures. But , contrary to tradition... the Bored Witch isn't always successful. Her adventures are full of humorous incidents.
The Bored Witch is a funny character. She doesn't scare children. Using her abilities, more magical than evil, she changes daily monotony.
The Bored Witch, with her traditional get-up, lives in today's world. her multiple trips worldwide help children to get acquainted with different countries.
Her magic broomstick is equiped with the latest in jet propulsion and communication gadgets.
The confrontation between today's reality and the witch's folklore-ish world gives rise to a number of humorous situations.
Her trips are an invitation to travel. Her world blends reality an imagination: anything is possible for the Bored Witch.