Pipsqueak's Planet and Pipsqueak Plays Sport

Pipsqueak's Planet : is an animated series which shows how to walk towards sustainability in a clear, entertaining and funny way. Its friendly main character, optimistic and naturally eager, lives an imaginary planet which suffers from different environmental problems. From a global view of his environment, pipsqueak puts solutions into practice incorporating them into his everyday life, and so contributes to improve environment and to ensure that the following future generations an enjoy life in his wonderful planet. The series are grouped in six thematic sections: Refuse, Consumtion, Atmospheric problems,Home and urban Environs, Natural Environ, Sustainability and participation.

Pipsqueak Plays Sport: Pipsqueak plays sports is an animated series that will go over summer and winter olympic sports, as well as other popular sports practiced throughout the world The funny little main character is naturally active and in every episode will take you through the workings of a specific sport, always in a clear and fun way. All this without promoting competitivness, but teaching one to overcome their own shortcomings, learn to work in a team, fair play and the pleasure of playing sports.