No Heartbeat

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Perinatal Grief

In the moments preceding the birth of a child, there are words no parent wants to hear: "no heartbeat."

Perinatal death is something experienced in silence. A pain that is little recognized and unshared which affects a society that is becoming increasingly pain-free and where pain is disturbing.

There are 20,000 stillbirths a year in Europe. In Spain, six babies die every day.

The death of a newborn or fetus is a huge burden for a family to carry and requires the support and assistance of trained heath personnel.

In this documentary health professionals open the door to their day-to-day experiences and their own emotional response to circumstances that touch them as well. Mothers, fathers, and support associations also share with the viewers their personal stories, and the resources they turn to in trying to ease that pain. No heartbeat reveals the dehumanization associated with this sort of death, which occurs when new life was just on the horizon.

No heartbeat  touches the soul and openly addresses a reality that is very often hidden. A production charged with emotion and one of social interest.

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