Never Again a Victim

Distressing Accounts of Gender-based Violence.

"I knew that if I put up a fight it would just get worse. That would only feed into the aggression."

                                                                                              Carme, Teacher                               

"Never Again a Victim" destroys the myth that gender-based violence affects only those in challenging economic and social conditions, presenting a much broader picture of women in privileged social circumstances who have suffered from physical blows and psychological humiliation over long periods of time.

The documentary gives voice to lawyers, teachers, psychologists and other women who, despite their intellectual and economic standing, have been repeatedly abused by their partners.

It is a portrait of six women who became victims without realizing that was the case. Many of them put up with abuse for over a decade and still don't feel protected, either by institutions or by the law. Five of the women have received favorable court rulings, and one is still waiting for the court decision, but none of them has fully recovered from the traumatic experience. Also featured in the program are lawyers, doctors, legal experts and psychologists who contribute to providing a more thorough assessment of this problem that affects one-third of the European population.

The documentary opens our eyes to just how difficult it is for many of these women to consider themselves victims and cut the damaging ties with their abusers.

"Never Again a Victim" has a powerful impact on the viewer and brings to the fore the question of what we are doing wrong as a society. In short: food for thought.


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