Small problems are big adventures for Miniman

The worlds smallest super-hero is finally here, and  has brought his super-hero team with him.
Miniman is a child's super-hero; he helps them solve their problems  and protects their most valued objects.
Miniman is not a hero to save the world; he knows nothing about the ozone layer or the possibilities there are of a meteorite hitting the earth, polar melting or atomic energy. He doesn't save children from what adults consider dangerous either: crossing the street on red, light sockets, contagious illnesses or bad grades.

Miniman tries to solve the problems that children think are important. From the silliest things (the lost hamster, not being able to find the last card in their baseball collection...), to problems they may have with their friends or parents (how to keep on living, after being made to look ridiculous, puppy love, peer pressure...).
Miniman helps children because he suffers and shares the same feelings that their problems provoke: loss, joy, being left out, pain, happiness and sadness
miniman understands what children are feeling, and through his deeds he is able to offer the best formula to solve their everyday problems:HUMOR + INGENUITY + COURAGE + COMPANIONSHIP