A  happy and cheerful orange woolen puppet
Després de la publicitat pots interactuar amb el player amb els següents botons Engegar/Aturar Silenciar Pujar el volum Disminuir el volum Instruccions per interactuar amb el player
A program targeted to children from preschool to age 6, and
designed to provide support to little girls and boys in their individual discovery of the world.

MIC has a sidekick on this adventure named "Fiveseconds," who plays the "adult" role and is more articulate and knowledgeable than MIC. And then there are two other friends, "Fly" and "Snail" who, with their own distinct personalities, round out this little family of friends.
The technique used in the program is similar to shadow theater where various puppeteers move the puppets behind the scene. The sets for the program are very natural and constructed with simple and easily identifiable materials.
Every episode include 4 stories that approach a single subject from each of the characters' different perspectives.

The MIC stories are enriched by songs sung by children and videos of boys and girls playing their games and experimenting with things, all with the intention of further attracting the very young viewers to the program.
The audience results for this program are very positive,tripling that of the Super 3 children channel's audience average.
MIC is a favorite for kids and their families. We see versions of this character in the form of costumes, t-shirts, wool hats, bathing suits and even birthday cakes. These are not part of the official merchandising, but they reflect the character's enormous popularity.
Over the past 4 years, MIC has generated more than 25 merchandising products. Over 100,000 MIC stuffed dolls-the most popular of these items-have been sold, and it is a top-selling Christmas toy year after year. Likewise with the MIC CD that earned the Golden Disc award within weeks of its launch.