A philosophy teacher finds off-beat ways to impact and change the lives of his adolescent students.

Merlin Bergeron is much more than a high school philosophy teacher. He's quite a character— ironic, caustic, seductive, funny and with a good dose of black humor—and at once an annoying and adorable cynic who leaves no one indifferent.

This 13 x 50' series was conceived by Héctor Lozano, scriptwriter of numerous successful series including La Riera, Jet Lag and El Cor de la Ciutat and directed by Eduardo Cortés, who boasts Los Pelayos and Ángel o Demonio among his many successful films and TV projects.  

The series is set in a high school and each of the episodes revolves around a particular philosopher.The new philosophy teacher invites his adolescent students, who are struggling with their own personal and age-appropriate issues, to become 21st-century Aristotelians, questioning and reflecting upon their worlds.

How can Plato help a boy suffering from agoraphobia? What might Schopenhauer have to do with a rebellious girl's search for her own identity? If a guy wants to pick up a girl, could Machiavelli serve as some kind of inspiration? Would Protagoras' philosophy work to keep a kid from quitting school? Can the most skeptical philosophers provide an adolescent with the strength to confront a parent?

Epicurus, Kant, Descartes, Plato, Socrates and other great thinkers are the invisible characters who help to resolve—and not without certain conflict—everyday problems. In his own unorthodox way, Merlin brings these subjects to life again, not only for his students but also for his own son, with whom he's trying to reestablish a relationship. 

Merlin is a series about adolescents, targeted to a demanding adult audience. The concept is original, the problems posed are serious, and the solutions unconventional. Fiction that brings age-old philosophy into current life in a most surprising way.

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