Mass Grave

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Murder, Love, Jealousy and Revenge

The apparent tranquility of the town has been broken with the discovery of a common grave and a corpse that does not correspond to the time of the Civil War.

Criminal Police Andrea investigates the murder of a young man who worked in the exhumation of a common grave and unearths a well-kept secret that reopens the collective wound, the hidden memory of the villagers.

Andrea discovers that one of the skeletons exhumed from the pit disappeared by the time of the murder of David. The investigations reveal that it is a corpse buried only about twenty years ago. Everything seems to indicate that the author of this murder, feeling threatened by what the excavation would bring to light, also killed David.

Love, jealousy, delayed revenge, disputes over property ... The great human passions are revealed concentrated in the small town where the action takes place.

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