Marked by October 1st.

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The Catalonia conflict. Recalling the events one year later.

A year's gone by since October 1st., when the referendum for self-determination in Catalonia was held and as a result, several police charges took place. The images of police action against civilians went around the world. According to the Generalitat Government, 893 civilians had to be taken care of by the Emergency Medical System of Catalonia. The programme shows the feelings, emotions and motivations of those citizens who lived the events first hand.

It's early days to know whether that day will deserve a special chapter in the History of Europe. However, for many who either saw the images or witnessed the events, October 1st shall remain an unforgettable date.

A TV3 team has addressed citizens from small towns, ordinary people who in that particular day felt overwhelmed by the arrival of the police forces and also, other participants from different venues who didn't hesitate a second to stand in front of the police barrages when trying to defend their right to vote and are still trying to understand what happened.

The documentary gathers their considerations and interviews some witnesses such as Carles Puigdemont, former President of the Generalitat, José Manuel Garcia-Margallo, former External Affairs Minister under Mariano Rajoy's government, representatives of the Spanish police forces, international journalists and a representative of the Venice Commission in charge of ascertaining if a referendum can be ratified.

All the testimonials provide the viewer with their own interpretation of the events and give clues about likely future repercussions.

A must-see documentary to go deeper into Europe's most recent History, to find out about its social moves and its evolution.

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