Lila is a six-year-old girl who, whenever she wants to change things to suit her, just says "I wish..." but in the process she discovers that the results aren't always to her benefit.
"Lila" is a project for a children's TV animation series based on the character in a collection of children's book written by Dr. Eduard Estivill and psychologist and teacher Montse Doménech.

Lila is a six year-old girl who is eager to learn new things and enjoy new experiences and the first thing she learns is the importance of acquiring good habits.At first she may not be crazy about them, but as time goes on she accepts them and incorporates them into her life.

Learning to dress herself, putting limits on TV time, dealing with the jealousy experienced with the arrival of a new little brother in the household, and adapting to a new school are some of the challenges that Lila confronts on a daily basis, with the valuable help of he parents.