Last Night at The Karaoke Bar

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A fiery comedy

An explosive, extraordinary night. A comedy where everything happens in one single night. But what a night!

Six stories take place in a single night at the Imperial Karaoke Wang, a large Chinese restaurant with private rooms and a main stage. An intense night of secrets, love, unlove, cheating and disappointment.  All of it animated by the best music, the classic karaoke songs.

The venue is attended by scoundrels, swindlers, long-time friends that betray each other, dates that don't work out, failed opportunities. Thirty-something characters apparently unrelated, unleashing their true self, creating extreme situations, heating the night up. A truly explosive cocktail.

The series develop from a main, horizontal plot and another subsidiary 5 which intermingle. The main plot is present all along the episodes: an intense romantic story between Nil and Ona, accompanied along the episodes by the difficulties of the owner of the venue, Mr Wang, plagued with financial issues.

The rest of the plots come and go, crossing and encountering unexpected turns such as the meeting among long-time friends who keep unspeakable secrets, or Ale's need to find the love of her life, and also the contrast of success and fortune with the memories of a loving life, easier and simpler. People who aren't what they appear to be and tough challenges. All of them tales that keep interest awake right until the end.

One single night and venue. A fresh production, young and crammed with positive humour, and characters encouraging empathy in fun, easily catchy situations. Despite the fiery onset, the result brings about smiles galore.

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