Juanito Jones

Having the imagination to understand and accept reality

Throughout the series different episodes, we will share the fantastic adventures of the little boy Juanito Jones, who will confront all sorts of dangerous situations along the way, and of which he will come out unscathed. Of course there is a reason for this, and that is because the adventures are part of his imagination. Juanito uses his imagination as a type of escape valve and a solution for the everyday problems he may confront in the real world.

Juanito will take advantage of every opportunity he has in order escape reality and set off a new adventure. The adventure and his real world will be parallel, and have many points in common.What Juanito discovers in his imaginary world will help him understand and accept the reality around him.
Even inthe most complicated situations, juanito will never use violence to overcome the obstacles he meets along the way. He will use wit, skill and intelligence (and once and while, the help of his good friend Sombra) in the confrontations that encounters in his adventures.