Modern women in a modern series.

The lives of five young women: close friends whose professional lives, friendships, loves, passions and sense of humor make up a series of stories that evolve around self-assurance and loyalty to one's principles.
Infidelity portrays real-life stories from a woman's perspective. The five women in the series serve as a mirror for female viewers and all audiences can easily identify with them. Each episode has two main storylines, complemented by two lighter sub-plots that focus on more mundane, day-to-day affairs. The numerous sequences are presented in a flexible, dynamic, 55' format with short, witty dialogues; and a refreshing balance of outdoor and interior locations. These elements, together with a tight script with unexpected twists in the story, keep viewers glued to the screen from star to finish.

To be moved, people must be surprised, and Infidelity does just that ina a tasteful, entertaining way.


The series premiered on TV3 on March 26, 2009 and comprises 42 episodes, broadcast over two seasons: March - July 2009 and September 2010 - March 2011.

The overall average rating for the 42 episodes was 4.9% with an 11.7% audience share. A total of 850,000 viewers - 12.2% of the population of Catalonia - watched each episode. Over the course of the 42-episode series more than 4,270,000 viewers, representing 62% of the population, tuned in on INFIDELITY in a given moment.

The series attracted a strong female audience with 63% of the viewers being women.
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