Imprisoned Freedoms

A step backwards regarding fundamental freedoms in Europe

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The social networks, "fake news" and the speed with which news currently circulates  in today's society has created a tendency on the part of some European states to want to exert more control on what is said or done[IR1] . This raises questions about the democratic demands the European Union places on member states.

Spain with its so-called "gag rule" and Hungary with Viktor Orbán's immigration policies are two good examples of this.

The gag rule and the latest reform of the Spanish penal code, encouraged by conservative parties, have now re-categorized as crimes many activities which were previously simply considered freedom of expression. Affronting the crown, offending religious beliefs and glorifying terrorism are loosely interpreted by the judges and carry prison sentences.

Under today's Spanish laws, artists, poets and singer-songwriters who during the '80s shaped opinion through their works, would now be sent to prison.

In Hungary many of the human rights organizations focused on immigration which just a few years ago were able to operate normally, are now pursued by the state and face numerous challenges in carrying out their humanitarian work.

The documentary captures what is happening today with freedoms that were gained through much struggle in past decades and which are currently endangered.

A reflection of the democratic quality of today's Europe.



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