Gemma Has a Plan

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Is humanitarian aid a crime?

This is an incredible true story about the limits of human kindness.

How far is a person willing to go to help others?

Some individuals are willing to disobey the law just to help people. They are willing to take personal risks just to give them a better life, the life they dreamt of when they fled war in their countries of origin.

This is the story of Gemma's plan.

After several unsuccessful attempts within the bounds of the law, Gemma—a nurse from Catalonia—puts together a new plan involving her husband and a network of friends. She wants to help families from Syria and Afghanistan cross the border from Greece into Europe . She plans to have these refugees pose as members of a Spanish family using IDs lent to her by people back home, and to drive them across the Balkans in her family car. Her plan is not perfect, but they are not alone. Activists from Spain, Greece, Switzerland and Slovenia provide her with a support along the way.

Gemma succeeds time and time again until a mishap turns everything on its head: she winds up in court in Serbia, accused of human tra_cking. Nevertheless, she somehow manages to get released from prison.

Gemma Has a Plan is the true story of a dangerous adventure at great personal costs. Filmed over the course of three years from 2016 to 2019, it is a tale of good intentions and pure altruism.

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