Family Fare

A posh restaurant on the Mediterranean coast provides the backdrop for love, intrigue and power struggles

Family fare is a drama series targeted at general audiences. It reflects daily life and contemporary issues with stories that address both local and universal subjects. But the series refrains from taking sides and merely spurs social debate.

Set in a fictional village on the northeastern coast of Catalonia, Family fare is filmed in a real restaurant in Maresme County, adding further authenticity and credibility to the story. The sea and a high-tech kitchen serve as backdrop to the unfolding story.

The main characters are members of the Guitart Riera family that run the upmarket restaurant Can Riera. After over forty years of marriage, Ignacio Guitart decides to leave his wife and four sons to set up a restaurant in Madrid. The news makes stomachs churn and forces everyone to take sides. The mother who runs the restaurant is willing to go to all lenghts to get her husband back, while the four sons vie with each other to establish their place in the family.

This lively, up-to-date series masterly blends the traditional elements of the genre-love, passion, power struggles, intrigue-with a touch of suspense.

With all ingredients of a major hit, Family fare is guaranteed to whet people's appetite for a second course.
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