Everything We Know About You

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The risks of big data

Do we really know what happens with our personal data?

In the time it takes you to read this, 200 million emails will be sent, 7 thousand Amazon purchases will be made, and 4 million searches will be typed into Google. All in just one minute.

There's an immense amount of personal data involved in all that activity. Whether we're aware of it or not, that's the price we pay for seemingly free services.

Big data has led to great strides for humanity, both in medicine and in research; but it's also a big risk to our privacy.

Do we really know the risks involved?

"Everything We Know About You" is a look at some of the most controversial ways our personal data are used and the important impact it can have on our lives. It may determine whether or not we're granted a loan, whether we're deemed fit for a certain job, or whether or not we can get insurance.

Algorithms process so much information on us that in the future they won't just answer our questions—they may end up telling us what to ask.

This is a shocking, revealing documentary on the billion-dollar business of Big Data that anyone should find concerning.


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