How do you make square soap bubbles? How can you turn a chicken egg into a bouncing ball?

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Target Audience: Children ages 6 to 12
Audience Share : Significantly above the average ratings for Super 3 children's channel programs.
Dani Jiménez presents an entertaining program focused on science-related topics in an easy and fun style that captivates the whole family.
In each program, our host performs an experiment combined with a "do-it-yourself" lesson, which is the core idea of "Dinamiks.
The experiment is set up in such a way that children can easily and successfully repeat it at home. Dani also asks interesting questions with surprising answers together with another experiment to help make those answers more easily understood.  So, in this segment of the program we discover things like why popcorn pops, the reason fish don't pass gas or why fakirs can sleep on a bed of nails and feel no pain.
Tricks of ingenuity, skill, intuition, perception. These are the challenges; viewers learn new things and meet with surprises and, at the same time, are encouraged to reflect on what they see. In Dani's laboratory¿colorful, magical and full of good humor¿lots happens and anything is possible.
Dinamiks  has met with spectacular success among family audiences, managing to triple Super3 channel's average audience share since the program's first broadcast. It has had equal success on the Internet with a significant number of program visits and viewings. Its wide popularity among young viewers led to the creation of a board game based on the program, which was one of the best-selling products during the 2013 Christmas season.
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