There is always a first time

Searching for love, sex or simply companionship.
After their initial contact on the Internet, the characters in Cites nervously and expectantly meet face-to-face.
All of the 13 episodes of 45 minutes each, focus on the first face-to-face meetings between the featured characters, where their fears, secrets and expectations surface and come into play. This series takes a look at relationships today, through the eyes and experiences of 24 people whose lives continually cross during the course of the thirteen segments.
After winning over viewers from around the world with "Red Band Society," Pau Freixas changes course and takes us into the world of adults. Based on the British series "Dates," created by Brian Elsey, Cites turns Barcelona into one more lead character in the series: the perfect setting─mountain, sea, urban and suburban and the ideal place to fall in love.