Absolute Majority

The Fortunes and Misfortunes of a Large 21st-century Family

A comedy that deals with relationships between different generations and genders. A fun look at different approaches to life, emotional issues and personal interests, between men and women, as well as parents and children.
Eduard is an internationally renowned orchestra conductor and a widower with seven children who falls in love with Judith, a real estate agent who is single and very independent. Neither of them has any idea how family life is supposed to work, but nonetheless decide to set up a stable household with Eduard's seven children, who are scattered around, living in different cities.
Joining in this adventure is Felip, a butler with many strange tricks up his sleeve and Marta, a personal friend of Judith's, who acts as the family's housekeeper.
Right from the start, the series draws in the public with its clever dialogue and engaging situations. "Absolute Majority" really hooks the viewer, thanks to its talented scriptwriter and director, Joaquim Oristrell, with his many years of experience working within this genre. The two main actors, Emma Vilarasau and Jordi Bosch, add their own special chemistry to the series.
Each episode of the series maintains a pleasant rhythm and comes to a clean close, with touches of sophisticated humor (calling to mind, for example, Katherine Hepburn and  Spencer Tracy). Nonetheless, here the war between the sexes is played out in the language and circumstances of today's world.
"Absolute Majority" offers great entertainment for audiences of a broad range of ages and tastes.
The series premiered with a strong audience response which remained high in the subsequent seasons and, in some cases, with greater viewer numbers.
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